A bottle of eyes drop has 0.45 fluid ounces of liquid.How much liquid is in 10fourth bottles of eye drops

Accepted Solution

Option 1: 4500 Fluid Ounces is the correct answerStep-by-step explanation:The total fluid will be calculated by multiplying the amount of fluid in one bottle to the number of bottlesGiven[tex]Liquid\ in\ one\ bottle=0.45\ fluid\ ounces\\Total\ number\ of\ bottles=10^4[/tex]So,[tex]Total\ fluid=Fluid\ in\ one\ bottle* Number\ of\ bottles\\=0.45*10^4\\=0.45*10000\\=4500\ fluid\ Ounces[/tex]Hence,Option 1: 4500 Fluid Ounces is the correct answerKeywords: Division, MultiplicationLearn more about quantities at:brainly.com/question/2115122brainly.com/question/2116906#LearnwithBrainly