If f(x) is a continuous function defined for all real numbers, f(–10) = –2, f(–8) = 5, and f(x) = 0 for one and only one value of x, then which of the following could be that x value?a) -7 b) -9 c) 0 d) 2

Accepted Solution

Answer:BStep-by-step explanation:At x = -10 the function has a value of -2 (negative)At x = -8, the function has a value of 5 (positive)So that means the function, when graphed, would have to cross the x-axis between x = -10 and x = -8 for it go from Negative to Positive (jump). That value would be between -10 and -8.From the answer choices, "-9" is the only value between -10 and -8. At this point, the function cuts the x-axis, or the point where "f(x) = 0".correct choice B